Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Almond Choc Chips cookies & cornflakes cookies for christmas

Hi again.. a short update on cookies..these were ordered by Lina whom is a friend of mine whom is also my opponent in one case which m handling..but we are  friend..lawan di court saja, luar kita kawan..right lina??hehe..thanks for the order babe.. Lina order untuk christmas katanya..n nak kurang manis coz nak bagi parents dia katanya..no problemm...jadila cookies ni rasa manis buah..hahahaa..u want it, om give it babe..moh kita tgk gambar ek.. ;)

 siap bertudung lagi..hahahaaaa.. ;)

almond choc chips cookies and cornflakes cookies... :) interested? call or sms me at 0193589881 or email me at ovenmerah@yahoo.com... sedappp tau..tak tipuuu...feed back dr customer.. :)


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