Tuesday, April 3, 2012


HAPPY CUsTOMER??what a title la kan?hehehe..actually when i receive positive  feedbacks from my customers itreally makes my day..even sekrang i tak sihat but bila dengar my customers happy i pun jadi happy..lagi semangat nak buat cake..yes, pengalaman banyak membantu..of course from zero not to hero, but at least i learn something new everyday..and insyAllah my promise to myself and to you (my beloved customers) is to further  improve myself and to attend to every order to the best of my abilities .insyAllah.. ;) this is one of the feedback i received from a satisfied customer of mine,

tqvm Zeti Zul, the Director of Oven Merah. I sgt berpuas hati dgn kek Plant vs Zombie yg di order minggu lalu. Figurine kemas & sama dgn real character dlm game tu. Kek sedap, moist & x manis sgt as per requested. Sgt SENANG bekerja dgn dia. Sgt sabar, kreatif, fokus & provide servis yg bagus. Kawan2 yg belum pernah order, u guys MUST TRY. Keep up d good work ! :)))

Alhamdulillah..rasa sangat senang hati bila customer pun senang hati...jom kita tgk some of the photos of Fatihah the bday girl.. ;)

 Fatihah and her cousins.. ;)

 maisng-masing dh pilih which zomba they want..

This is Fatihah the birthday girl.. :)

Thanks azam for trusting ovenmerah to do Fatihah's bday cake.... :) Thanks also  for the positive feedback ...jangan serik order dgn Oven merah yek.. ;)


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